Hair Port Salon first opened its doors in November 1977. Initially focused on the traditional hairstyling business in the early 1980s, we quickly realized that each new year would bring on a new age, requiring new and more advanced concepts. We continue to remain focused on the future of our industry and, more importantly, caring for the needs and desires of our clients.

 Hair Port Salon is a full service salon offering an array of hair, skin & nail care services.

At Hair Port we realize that your look is your signature, you must feel good about it every day. The success of our business has always been and always will be based on a highly trained staff, the best quality professional, and home care products, outstanding client service and impeccable attention to detail. Our professional staff possesses an unending passion to excel in the artistry & design necessary to achieve the highest quality care available.

Hair Port has a multi level designer/technician system, based on experience, advanced education and individual accomplishment. All of our service providers are exposed & committed to continued education.

Our Mission 
To focus on developing a culture that promotes and emphasizes professionalism…pride…and integrity…

To provide the highest quality services to all clients entering our salon, through the application of teamwork, enthusiasm, and a positive, caring attitude…

Always strive to understand and be responsive to the clients’ needs by utilizing excellent communication and feedback skills…

The Staff