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46 Pidgeon Hill Drive
Sterling, VA 20165


Hours of operation
Monday-Friday: 9am to 9pm
Saturday: 7am to 5pm
Sunday: 11am to 5pm


Deadlines, traffic, appointments...stress! Our highly trained massage therapists can whisk you away. A professional massage will reduce stress, stimulate circulation, relieve muscle pain, promote deep relaxation, and improve emotional and physical well-being in a matter of minutes. Feel free to discuss with your therapist the type of massage that best fits your specific needs. Certainly not just a pampering delight, but a healthy necessity!

Please Note: See UNIQUE SERVICES for Hair Port's Six Series treatment options, receive a free treatment when you purchase five.

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$55.00 25 Minutes
This soothing, effective massage technique is designed for the person on the go. By concentrating on the stress centers of the neck, shoulders, and back, this is a wonderful massage focused on relieving stress and centering the body around the mind. After  Product Details...

$60.00 25 Minutes
Experience total relaxation. This massage is a gentle, nurturing treatment using the highest quality essential oils with natural, pure, and relaxing aromas. The aromatic experience aids in the stimulation of blood flow, detoxifying the body, and soothing  Product Details...

$125.00 80 Minutes
It’s better than getting roses! Your massage begins with an exfoliation of dead skin cells and a warm shower while your therapist prepares the treatment table with fresh rose petals. Experience the aroma of fresh roses while you receive a relaxing massage  Product Details...

$20.00 15 Minutes
Treat yourself to a quick treats! While seated and fully clothed in a special massage chair, you are giving a thorough massage of your neck, shoulders, and upper back. The perfect “quick-fix” during a lunch break or in between weekend errands.  Product Details...

Pressure to specific areas of the feet, known as “reflex points,” which correspond to each of our body organs. Reflexology techniques activate the body’s immune system, induce relaxation, and relieve stress and tension in the body.  Product Details...

$60.00 25 Minutes
An intense massage designed to work out knots and spasms within the muscle and connective tissue. This treatment relaxes and lengthens the muscles while aiding the body in eliminating metabolic waste. A good choice for the physically active person and/or  Product Details...

$115.00 50 Minutes
Lack that extra bounce in your step? Energize yourself with a full-body stone massage! Balance the body’s chakras with this unique massage treatment using hot and cold stones to draw the oxygen and nutrients to the surface of the body and eliminate toxins  Product Details...

$85.00 50 Minutes
This focused massage is excellent for clients with chronic pain or recent body trauma. The client, through consultation with the therapist, will identify the problem area of concern. By focusing on one specific area of the body, the therapist will penetra  Product Details...

$85.00 50 Minutes
It’s all in the touch of a hand. After the first trimester, pregnancy is a time of major structural, physiological, and psychological changes leading to discomfort and concern, which can be eased by our talented staff at Hair Port. This massage reduces st  Product Details...

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